Who is this toolkit for?

This toolkit is for people in primary care clinics in Canada who are involved in any aspect of COVID-19 immunization.

If you are talking with your patients about immunizations but not giving immunizations yourself:

You can use parts of this guide to help discuss immunizations, vaccine hesitancy, etc. with your patients. Use this toolkit to dip into particular questions you might have and find resources and links to things like handouts, etc.

If you are planning to run a COVID-19 immunization clinic in your office:

If you are a clinic manager or medical director or the person who will be planning COVID immunizations in your clinic, you can review the different parts of this toolkit to give you step by step ideas on how to do that. You can review the whole site and it will walk you through the major planning steps or you can jump in and out of specific areas that are relevant to you today.

What is in this toolkit?

This guide covers the major primary care work related to COVID-19 immunization, from informing and engaging patients to planning your immunization clinic and what to consider for follow up.

What is not in this toolkit?

  • Vaccine distribution planning tools or tools for regional or community level resource allocation.
  • Specific vaccine transportation or storage information.
  • Specific immunization training materials.
  • Although… we do link to appropriate sources.

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Developed through the University of British Columbia’s Primary Care Innovation Support Unit.