Now that you know how many patients you are going to book and how many hours of immunization clinic you are planning for, it is time to prepare for the clinics.

Determine Roles within the Clinic

Having clear roles for each immunization clinic will help ensure a smooth day. This may feel like overkill for a smaller clinic, but these are the common roles to consider who would have these roles (and obviously each person can or will have more than one role):

Roles for Preparing your Immunization Clinic:

Within your office immunization clinic there are a few key roles to consider and likely these will be obvious:

  • Clinic Lead – plans scope, estimates capacity, etc. (if you are reading this it is probably you).
  • Pre-visit navigator / Visit scheduler – reaches out to orient patients and book them into the immunization clinic.
  • Supply organizer – ensures all supplies are ready prior to each clinic from vaccine doses to PPE.

Roles for the Day of Clinic:

The blank checklist below lists the key roles for the shift of the immunization clinic. You can print out one for each immunization clinic shift you are running or reuse if the team is not changing.

  • FORM: Example blank clinic roles checklist #BUILDTHIS

Consider how to fill these roles within your broader team, including allied health, office assistants, other connected clinicians, and volunteers from your community. Recruiting people you might not think of for specific roles for the immunization clinic is a great way to build capacity (e.g. a dietitian can be a great person to do the pre-visit screening).

PHAC has a very robust roles list, which is suitable for larger, stand alone clinics. For more detail on scope of roles, please look here:

Ensure Sufficient Supplies

For each immunization clinic you run, you will need to ensure you have sufficient supplies. This includes: thermometer (for screening), PPE, cleaning supplies, forms, immunization supplies. An example checklist is provided below:

  • CHECKLIST: Clinic Supplies Checklist #BUILDTHIS

PHAC has a more robust clinic supply list, included here for reference:

Determine Documentation Requirements

Confirm how everyone will be documenting for the immunization clinic and share this across the whole team. There are five areas for consideration:

  • Patient Discussion on Immunization – Times contacted about the immunization clinic, their eligibility and desire to receive the vaccine (or not). This is prior to the immunization clinic day and important for follow up.
  • Patient Consent – PHAC recommends written consent prior to the immunization. They have provided an example.
  • LINK: PHAC – Example patient consent for content and word document.
  • Patient Surveys – If you plan to have a specific patient survey, these should be ready. The immunization clinic may want to capture information prior to the immunization (e.g. screening for allergies, etc) or post-immunization (e.g. feedback).
  • Clinical Charting – determine who will chart and where. Elements of charting should be simplified and standardized for expediency but include process, brief history, review of systems, vaccine information (e.g type, lot #, location), etc. Consider an EMR template.
  • Public Health Documentation – Public health in each province has additional documentation requirements to record who has received which doses of vaccine, etc.

BC Requirements for Charting Immunizations in Primary Care are not yet defined.

Confirm as a team what should be documented, where and how it will be stored (paper, within your electronic record, in provincial information system).

2nd Dose Follow-up Plan

The second dose is key to the success rates of our current vaccines and this is often where people do not follow up. So, before you run your clinic, know what your multi-pronged approach will be to encouraging and following up for that second immunization.

Strategies to Ensure Second Dose Follow Up

Have Adequate Signs

The COVID-19 immunization is both exciting and anxiety provoking for some. Clear education and clear directions, including signs throughout the clinic, will help keep people calm and understanding the processes. These are particularly important if you are changing the normal flow of patients through the clinic.

Signs should mark: entrances, mask wearing, sanitizing practices, patient flow, waiting area, and exit. We have provided simple, generic signs as letter-sized PDFs that you can download and then print:

Example of the Printable Poster


Consider how to offer safe childcare when needed for patients to ensure that people with kids can come to get vaccinations. Some families do not want to have their children observe the immunization. A safe and socially distanced space is recommended that can clearly be observed by both staff and the parent or guardian.


Assume and plan that at least one patient will need to use the washroom during the observation time. These should be clearly marked for patient flow. If the washroom absolutely must be used during the observation period, the patient should notify the observer.

Staff Training

In preparation for running your clinic, consider any additional training that might be helpful:

  • Vaccination training – some staff (e.g. LPNs) can receive extra training to give vaccines in some jurisdictions. This may increase capacity.
  • CPR training – there should be at least one person with up to date CPR training.
  • Anaphylaxis management – ensure that there is a clear protocol for anaphylaxis.

Create a What to Expect Sheet for Patients

Technically part of the next step, but having information for your patients on what to expect as part of the immunization clinic, before and after, is really important for a smooth running day. Make sure you have an orientation sheet ready to put on your website, put in your waiting room, and to send out to patients before the clinic.

  • HANDOUT: What to expect when you come for your COVID-19 Immunization. #BUILDTHIS

Develop Pre-Clinic Checklist

Lastly, we recommend a short pre-clinic checklist that summarizes the pieces above that can be quickly reviewed before the start of your clinic. We have provided word template you can use or adapt below:

  • TEMPLATE: COVID Immunization Pre-Clinic Checklist v0-01.docx #BUILDTHIS