After seeing all the patients, there are a few things to wrap up your immunization clinic.

Zero Vaccine Waste

If you have any unused vaccine doses, consider how to use them so they do not expire. Consider your waiting list and calling again, your team, learners, and any volunteers working with you.

Wrap Up Team Huddle

Take a few minutes as a team to quickly reflect at the end of each immunization clinic. Make sure you thank the whole team for the work done. These huddles are especially helpful after the first few clinics you do or if you have changing team members and volunteers. So take a few short minutes for a team huddle and ask for rapid cycle quality improvement ideas. This will pay off quickly.

Capture Ideas for Quality Improvement

In the huddle, quickly discuss what worked well and how the next clinic could be done better.

PHAC has another example you can use if you want to do a more formal survey of the team (which may be useful for larger immunization clinics). Bring these learnings forward to incorporate into future immunization clinics.

Put Away Used Materials

Put away any materials that can be reused. Materials that cannot be safely stored for the next immunization clinic should be safely disposed of. Soiled materials (PPE, etc.) should also be disposed of safely as per local standards and protocols.

Complete Documentation

If there is any uncompleted documentation, take time to complete the required documentation (NOTE: this may require entry into multiple systems).

Document Who Did Not Attend

Given the desire to immunize as many people as we can, document who was booked and did not attend. The next section is about following up with patients to check in and hopefully reschedule.